Album Download

Album Download is a Chrome extension that is available from the Chrome Web Store. After a generous free trial, it costs about a cup of coffee per year. I built it because I store all my photos in Google Photos and I wanted an easier ways to share my photos.


  • Preserve order of the organized album.
  • Shareable formats. The iPhone heic images are downloaded as jpg images and the mov videos as mp4 videos.
  • Able to specify naming.
  • Able to specify size and cropping.

Album Download Privacy Policy

Album Download is a Chrome extension that allows you to download photos and videos from Google Photos. Album Download does not store any additional private information. Please see the Google Privacy Policy.

Album Download Terms of Service

Copyright (C) 2020 Taggart Software LLC

The software is provided "as is". It is not defect free.

Album Download Support

Go to to see a list of known bugs, report new bugs, or suggest other features. A GitHub issue is preferred, but you may also email